WPUK Discuss registration

You must register before you can post or comment on this site.

To register send a message to WPUK, subject ‘WPUK Discuss registration’ and tell us a little about yourself along with your website URL.

By registering you will be agreeing to abide by the WPUK Discuss post and comment guidelines.

Once registered, you will receive the standard WordPress confirmation email which will contain details of how to log in to this site.

When logged in, you’ll be able to start a new topic (thread) by posting from the home page of this site, as well as commenting on ongoing discussions.

You’ll also be able to add further details about yourself on your profile page, including biographical info, and control your email notifications of new posts and comments.

To deregister send a message to WPUK, subject ‘WPUK Discuss deregistration’ – please use the same name and email address you registered with.

Any questions or comments about this process should be directed to WPUK.

This post will be subject to revision in order to reflect developments.

Last updated: 10 February 2014