Do you use Vagrant for WordPress development? 

I came across vagrant last year and I’ve been itching to use it ever since for local development of WordPress websites. I wondered if any of you use it?

From what I know so far, Vagrant allows you to quickly build a virtual machine on your Windows/Linux/Mac computer. It has the following advantages-

  • The files on your virtual machine are available on your host machine using shared folders. This means you can use your favourite code editor to edit files on your virtual machine
  • You can build virtual machines with the environment that you want. That could be Ubuntu x, PHP 5.4, MYSQL 5.x, Apache, WordPress 3.4,1, blah blah…

This vagrant example looks really cool-

Unfortunately I’ve not been able to get things set up. I keep on encountering errors. My machine runs WIndows, so I am not sure how well Vagrant runs on Windows.