WordCamp Europe 2014

I’ve been asked by the WordCamp Europe 2014 (WCEU) organisers to publicise their event.

Why reach out and help WCEU, which takes place 27-29 September 2014 in Sofia Bulgaria, become a great event?

WCEU is a pan-European event, meaning people from all across Europe come together to talk about WordPress.

The more countries we get represented, the better we’ll be able to address the hottest topics and shape the future of WP as we want it.

The aim is bringing 900 people together – event of such a scale creates great learning and business opportunities.

Community members will get the chance to listen and talk in person to Matt Mullenweg, lead WordPress developers and other prominent WP people, about the future of the project.

Last, but not least, we aim at making these three days fun and we want you and your community members to be part of it.

Great communities are built by open communication and shared memories so let’s make sure WCEU becomes one of those things we’ll remember with a smile and want to do again and again.